Latest Innovation in Dentistry

To guarantee on having the best treatment to our patients, our treatment rooms are equipped with the latest technologies, such as Laser Machines, Digital Imaging, Intra-Oral Camera, Digital X-ray, Computerized Teeth Shade Selection, Computer Guided 3D Dental Implants.

Seef Dental is committed to deliver you the best and most advanced treatment. Our Doctors are always updated with the most advance treatments through visiting various educational programs all over the world.

Laser Surgery For Soft Tissues

Laser surgery is used to ensure accuracy, minimal tissue cut, fast healing and is pain free post operatively. Used in cases of short tongue band on children.

Vivadent Digital Shade Guide

An electronic shade guide reader ensures the exact choice of color to match your natural teeth. If you need a crown or a veneer, the color of your crown will be the same as your other teeth.

Rescue Sam & Spot Vital Signs

Rescue Sam is a semi automatic external defibrillator designed for public use by minimally trained people.

Vital signs in seconds with hospital-grade technology that’s easy to use, accurate and affordable.

X-Ray Machines

Our Panoramic X-Ray device is digital, where a full X-Ray for the mouth is digitally exposed and easy for the patient to see together with the dentist. It can always be sent to our patient by e-mail upon request. The Cephalometric X-Ray unit is also digitally operated. It is a lateral image of the head showing the bone structure. It is mainly used to predict the growth of the skull and the relation between the upper and lower jaw. This is very useful for our Orthodontic doctor, when he is seeing children.

Assistina & Ultrasonic Cleaners

Assistina unit is cleaning- and lubrication device for dental transmission instruments (especially straight- and contra angle pieces, turbines, air-driven scalars and air-motors).

Ultrasonic cleaning is a safe, efficient and modern procedure which ensures perfect cleaning.

E9 Inspection Autoclave

Dentists and medical professionals are required to sterilize their instruments to protect both patients and practitioners from possible infectious diseases.

E9 Inspection is trusted and safe  autoclave. It guarantees the best sterilization.

Osseocare Pro Application

 This is a surgical device which is used by an iPad application. The Osseocare Pro application presents friendly interface and easy to use . The Osseocare  enables dentists to setup the treatment prior to surgery. The application controls and modifies various aspects such as speed, torque, irrigation flow and light intensity. The application has functions are allowing multiple users to share treatment data.