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Seef Dental Videos

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Children dentistry by Seef Dental

The Smile Make Over: Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry(French)

Dental Hygiene

First Aid Training


Dental Implantology

New Innovation for Teeth Grinding

A new patient’s experience at Seef Dental hosted by Dr. Elias. Dr. Elias guides us through the process of Seef Dental’s treatments, taking us through the consultation process, through x-ray, diagnosis and a recommended course of action, exposing the ease with which this process is adapted at the clinic, and through this professional and transparent approach, allaying the fears which sometimes accompany a dentist’s visit.

General Dentistry

Nothing strikes fear in a patient’s mind like the phrase “root canal”! At Seef Dental, we understand that and we’ve done a lot to remove that fear, from the introduction of high-end modern equipment through explaining every step of the process to the patient.

Watch this short video with Dr Mario who explains the procedure and see how we go about treating this common dentistry complaint as painlessly as possible. At Seef Dental, they’re really nothing to fear.

Root Canal